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Update: I recommend using my completely new version Add New Default Avatar. Click the link to go check out the details. This plugin is no longer being maintained.

Not happy with the default avatar options built into WordPress? Neither was I (actually, I never gave it much thought – someone else pointed it out to me).

So, I put my fingers to work and made a plugin that will allow you to a new picture and set it as the fall-back options for commenters without gravatars. Other features include:

  • Enable/Disable without activating/reactivating
  • WPMU compatible

Questions/Comments/Issues? Let me know in the comments.

Install instructions:

  • Download the .zip file
  • Unzip the file, upload it to the plugins directory of your WordPress installation – or upload the zip file through the WordPress dashboard (Plugins > Add New > Upload)
  • Activate the plugin
  • Go to Custom Default Avatar under Settings.
  • Upload. Crop. Save.

Screencast (with FTP method of installing the plugin): irrelevant, considering the first version was broken and the second works differently

Update! It’s officially been added to the plugin repostitory, complete with an embarrassing typo!

12 thoughts on “Customize Default WordPress Avatar”

  1. Ok Ma’am. How about some instructions on how/where to install for those of us who just don’t know.
    For example, upload the entire folder to your wp-content/themes/your_theme…………..
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks, this works great! So how did you learn how to make plugins? what kind of web work do you do? Always looking for techi friends..


  3. I taught my self to make plugins be doing a lot of Google searches, looking at tutorials, and setting up a second home in the WordPress Codex ( I still have tons to learn though (my first version of this plugin turned out to be a complete and miserable failure…)

    I work at a small marketing company in my area in the newly formed development department. (yay – more time to play with PHP!)

  4. Ok so I’m wondering, Dose the default Gravatar make it so that you cant see the original email from the commenter? Let me know…


    1. Currently, the plugin does conceal the commenter’s email address in the back-end as well as the front-end. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve just whipped up a fix and will release it once I get to my home computer.

  5. hey trepmal
    having some problems getting this working.
    i have activated and enabled the plugin.
    i have made a gravatar account and uploaded an image, i can see that image in the CDG Settings in WP dashboard. but it doesn’t appear in the comments when people dont have avatars. I am still getting mystery men images.


    1. Looks like we have some compatibility issues with the Profile Pic plugin.

      If you’re experiencing trouble, go to the Profile Pic settings page and change ‘Gravatar’/Avatar Override to No. This will let Custom Default Avatar do its thing.

      If you’re relying on that plugin to set your own avatar, then you’ll want to go to set yourself up with an avatar that way, otherwise you’ll get the default.

      1. Great Plugin! Working like a charm!
        Thank you so much, Kailey, not only for crafting a superb workaround, but being so diligent with your support!


  6. Hello. I am using your plug-in to create a default avatar when commentors do not have one. It look and works great on pages but default image is not showing up in my recent comment sidebar. Is there anything I can do to correct this? – Thanks

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