Change Admin Footer Text

If you need to customize the WordPress administration area, you’ll find this useful.

add_filter('admin_footer_text', 'left_admin_footer_text_output'); //left side
function left_admin_footer_text_output($text) {
    $text = 'How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?';
    return $text;

add_filter('update_footer', 'right_admin_footer_text_output', 11); //right side
function right_admin_footer_text_output($text) {
    $text = "That's purely hypothetical.";
    return $text;

3 thoughts on “Change Admin Footer Text”

  1. Hello,

    The second part of this code is wrong.
    You need to use double-quote, or back-slash in your string value :
    $text = "That's purely hypothetical";
    $text = 'That's purely hypothetical';

    Bye 😉

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