Send a weird postcard from Russia (by proxy)!

My mother will be traveling in Russia this summer. Part of her adventures will be a road trip! You know what that means? Small no-one’s-heard-of-them towns.

If you want to weird-out a friend, my mom will send a postcard for you.

Use my donate form to buy a postcard. In the ‘Any particular reason?’ field, provide your email address, the recipient’s name and address, as well as 2-3 little details to be mentioned in the postcard. Do they have a dog named Spot? My mom will ask how Spot is doing in the postcard. Only requirement: must be family friendly!

(She’ll also be in Scotland briefly, if you definitely do/don’t want a Scottish postcard, let me know.)

In order to cover materials, postage, time, and labor, this will cost $10 per card. Start thinking now, and get your request in over the next few weeks! She leaves on June 25th, but she’ll be able to receive new request via email (don’t worry, I’ll be sending her the info).

There is no set limit right now, as I’m not expecting heaps of interest, but I reserve the right to stop accepting requests if demand becomes too much. So don’t delay!

Where’s my mom going? See the map below. She’ll be in the 4 locations marked below, and traveling between them either by train or car.

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