Screencast: Coding a plugin, start to finish*

This screencast is an experiment I wanted to try and if well-received, I may do more in this style.

This recording is in realtime, not sped up (I may do a timelapsed version in the future), so you can see what I’m doing. I try to narrate it to make it easier to follow, but sometimes the cat in the background throws me off.

Unedited. Exporting and uploading took long enough as it is, as my first screencast of this type, consider it a rough draft.

The final result of this screencast can be found here:

However, the goal of this isn’t so much for the code at the end as the how I got there. Feedback and questions welcome.

Props to @dougal for the plugin idea. It might not be exactly what was had in mind, but that’s beside the point 🙂

* I know, plugins are never really finished

4 thoughts on “Screencast: Coding a plugin, start to finish*”

  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing your processes. You are very fast!!!
    One small thing . . . Your recording volume is very low.

    But, thanks!

  2. Hi, thanks for this screencast. Never seen a video like that, I mean the whole process. However It’s too bad video quality is pretty poor. It’s true you’re fast but there is no admin UI and stuffs like that which take time to implement.

    And thanks fo the good use of nonce which are misused all the time.

  3. Hey! It’s nice to see it uncut and check out your workflow! I found lot’s of cool littleuseful things ( like ack ) … , sound and video are pretty good for me, no problems with that, Julien, maybe you need to change the quality on the toolbar… or something, thanks for posting this, it’s great, hi to cat, L

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