WP-CLI in the Real World

I’m looking to spread the word about WP-CLI. One way I’ve decided to do this is to submit a WordCamp talk proposal on the subject.

Of course I can talk about how I’ve benefitted and about my favorite things, but I’d really like to make sure my talk is well-rounded and takes into account real world usage. Basically, I would love to hear from you about your experiences with WP-CLI.

  • Biggest hurdle to overcome?
  • Favorite command?
  • Most irritating aspect?
  • That feature you’re looking forward to using?
  • When did WP-CLI save you hours on a project?
  • Did it teach you something?
  • something else?

Whether there’s something you want to learn or a tip to want to pass on, let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “WP-CLI in the Real World”

  1. I use wp-cli to help manage a multisite WP, but am still fairly new to it. Love the looping over all sites, which I most recently used with the php eval function to validate the current theme and plugins, disabling deleted ones. I’d hate to do this manually over hundreds of sites.

    Haven’t yet figured out how get urls and blogid’s within the loop. Something like:
    for [url, blogid] in $(wp site list –fields=url, blogid)
    echo “$url:”
    wp –url=$url post list
    run some query using the blogid

  2. Giving this a bit of thought, and I may even write a blog post of my own 🙂

    One helpful tip that came to me right away is that WP-CLI is really useful for managing the super admins on your multisite instance. Every so often, I manage to create a new multisite instance where my user account isn’t a super admin.

    Without WP-CLI, it’s a few minutes of opening up Sequel Pro and manually editing the serialized string in the database to add my username. Ick. With WP-CLI, adding my username to the super admins list is just a few seconds away.

    Similarly, WP-CLI makes it super simple to reset the password for any user account, saving valuable minutes.

  3. I recently discovered WP-CLI. It is an awesome tool to easily manage your WordPress installations.

    While I am still discovering all its commands and features, what I like best (till now) is the wp core download command. It save a lot of time as compared to manually downloading and uploading the files using ftp.

    Wp-CLI could be a real life saver if you have many WordPress installations to manage.

    I did a recent post on how to install WP-CLI on your server. You can find it here.


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