I’m a one-woman show, and I maintain (if you can call it that) this site in my spare time.

As a result, I can be really slow at responding to questions if I’m busy with other things in life. You’re probably better off posting to the appropriate wordpress.org forum (if use the forum link on the plugin’s page, the post will be properly tagged and show up in my feed). If you post there, there’s an opportunity for others to answer your question.

Also, I occasionally prune comments on this site. Removing the old and irrelevant so that the most useful info can rise to the surface. I may even disable comments for a while if I feel overwhelmed.

Lastly, I rarely if every anymore supply CSS support. So if your question has to do with layout (“how can I align this image…?”) or formatting (“how can I make this be bold?”) I probably won’t answer. I’m not trying to be mean, I just have limited time.

If you have a quick question, hit me up on twitter (@trepmal). I’m more that happy to at least provide a hint if not the whole answer.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Quick question regarding Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod…want to use it in combination with Custom Post Type UI to play a video that changes daily in a flowplayer installed in a sidebar widget. Will it work for that?

  2. My WP theme setting will not allow this plugin to work… I am trying to dictate which background on an individual page… any advise or suggestions would greatly be appreciated:) Thank you

  3. I would like to ask a question indirectly related to the plugin “more-mime-type-filters”.
    I am a chemist and I am trying to put chemical drawings, made under the application ChemDraw and with the format .cdx
    Through an ad hoc Javascript, it is possible to view .cdx documents. Under WordPress, I recently noticed it was easy to introduce .cdx documents after adding the following line in “functions.php”: ‘cdx’ => ‘text/cdx’

    The next step would be to have the following surrounding html code after having introduced, let’s say, “123.cdx”:


    Which in WP determines the surrounding code in function of the file type?

  4. You have a very good Active Plugins, but this is for multi users. What about coming out with an Active Plugin for single wordpress users. It will be of very good use.
    Thanks in advance
    Vijay Kumar Bamba

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