This is an Alfred v1 extension Updates are in progress, but not all are done yet.


Set an alarm. Growl and system sound when countdown reaches zero.


> alarm 8:30 Take cookies out of the oven
time must be first. Can be ‘h:m:s’ ‘m:s’ or ‘s’. Remainder of query displayed in the growl notification


In the above example, the alarm does not go off at 8:30, but in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Cannot cancel an existing alarm. Cannot view time remaining.

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9 thoughts on “Alarm”

  1. Is there anyway to modify this so it could be used as an interval timer? For example for HIIT or Interval training for workouts?

    Example. Set it for 20 sec. and it beeps every twenty seconds. or set it for 60 seconds and it beeps every 60 seconds.


    Maybe a completely separate extension? I’m not a programmer so I can’t tell if this would be difficult or not.

    1. Something like that would take a whole new approach – the current code doesn’t allow for this sort of functionality. And unfortunately, I’m not terribly familiar with the kind of code it would require.

  2. Any chance this could be modified to display the alarm using the new ‘large type’ option in alfred 1.2 versus using growl?

    1. This isn’t something that’s possible right now. Maybe a future release will allow extensions to integrate with Large Type.

  3. That’s pretty nifty. But when are you going to have it accept voice commands like my phone? 😉

    But seriously, with how easy it is to use Alfred, I’m definitely going to be using this. Thanks!

    1. Also, don’t you think “Timer” might make more sense than alarm? I do like that I don’t have to try to do the math (i.e. what time is 27 minutes from now?), but it is weird typing “alarm 8:30” and it not be an alarm that goes off at 8:30.

  4. Thanks for that one.

    Little suggestion – I think it would be useful to show default notification (“Time is up!”) for queries without note (such as “alarm 10”)

  5. Great extension. Couple of little things I think would make it better:
    1. Show a confirmation after entry. A growl that says “Alarm will notify you in XX mins” would give me a little more confidence that I’ve entered the syntax correctly.
    2. I’d prefer the default syntax to be Minutes only. I’d rather just enter “Alarm 5 Time’s up” than “Alarm 5:0 Time’s up” each time. I hardly ever need to specify the seconds.

    (P.S. If I have time I might try implementing these modifications myself. Just checking you’re okay with re-using your code as a starting point (with credit of course).)

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