Get Background From Library

The ability to select an image from the media library as the background is baked right into core now. This plugin will no longer be developed.

Add an action button to images in the media library. Easily use any image as your custom background.

Custom backgrounds must be enabled on the active theme


Latest version: Download Get Background From Library v1.3


  1. Upload the contents of the zip file to the your plugins directory (default: /wp-content/plugins/)
  2. OR – upload it to the mu-plugins directory (you can create it if it doesn’t exist)
  3. Find the “Use as Background” link next to the “Edit” and “Delete Permanently” links in the Media Library
  4. After clicking that, you’ll have the opportunity to change the background position and color options


Q. Where’s the “Use as Background” link?
A. First, your theme must support custom backgrounds. If it does, you’ll see the link next to the “Edit” and “Delete Permanently” links in the Media Library.



  • No functional change. Notice of stopped development


  • code optimization
  • displays notice if current theme doesn’t support custom backgrounds


  • Initial Release

2 thoughts on “Get Background From Library”

  1. Love the simplicity of this plugin and great for quickly selecting suitably prepared background images from the library.

    Only one problem, have a requirement to turn off backgrounds from time to time and the “Remove Background Image” button in the WordPress “Custom Background” admin screen no longer works – doesn’t remove the background.

    OK, can disable the plugin, then the button works, then re-enable the plugin, but adding/removing backgrounds is a request from someone who needs it be well, as simple as your plugin.

    Hence I’ve turned off access in WP to everything for them so as not to confuse – if I allowed access to plugins the whole lot would be quickly screwed as they can’t stop FIDDLING!

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