This is a plugin for getting items from a Storenvy shop and displaying them. It gets the info from the ‘products.json’ feed, so only information that’s in the feed can be pulled in to your page/post.
The plugin allows you to configure how the info is displayed.

The plugin has not been tested with anything prior to WordPress 3.0 (at least not recently)

Supports shorcodes and template tags.

Old Vimeo Walkthrough


Latest version: Download Storenvy v0.4


  1. Upload storenvy directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Find Settings > Storenvy
  4. Enter your store’s URL
  5. Place [storenvy] in a page or post


Q. [some feature] isn’t working, what’s up with that?
A. This is definitely still in beta. While the plugin works for my tests, I need more feedback to try and get it to rock-solid status.
If you find something that doesn’t work, please let me know (trepmal (at) gmail (dot) com) rather than just leaving poor feedback.

Q. The layout is screwy
A. Try adding { clear:both; }
Better yet, find some CSS tutorials so you can fully customize the layout.



  • Beta again! (errr… still.)
  • Works with new Storenvy API
  • Hopefully a good start to get you going again. Basic options for now, will aim to get more added soon.


  • Still “beta”
  • Add default CSS
  • Little bit of code cleanup


  • (Still in beta) Better code for retrieving the RSS file
  • whitespace cleanup


  • First Beta release

One thought on “Storenvy”

  1. I would suggest deactivating the image links or routing th eimage links to the actual product page at store envy. Seems like a user will have to click on all links until we find the one that directs to the shop.

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