Using WordPress, MultiSite, P2 and More

Expanding on this tweet.

My department at work has been using WordPress with the P2 theme for discussion recently. It has helped manage stop bulky reply-all emails between the 4 of us.

Besides limiting email, it’s encouraged more discussion. Before, we knew email was annoying, so we limited what we contributed, and certain things went unsaid – and some discussions were never even started. But now we can quickly comment on posts, even if it’s just “+1,” and start new topics on a whim.

We really like what P2 has done for us, so we decided that this would be great to use with the entire office. And not just for general discussion, but for planning bigger projects, keeping track of tasks, asking for help, sharing news, and anything else we can think of. We’re working in some CRM features, but we’re still planning that part (using the P2 of course).

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