List Category ID in Quick Actions

One thing I’ve found frustrating is that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of getting a category (or other term) ID. This little snippet will add it to the “quick actions” that appear when you mouseover a term’s row.

add_filter( "tag_row_actions", 'add_cat_id_to_quick_edit', 10, 2 );
function add_cat_id_to_quick_edit( $actions, $tag ) {
	$actions['cat_id'] = 'ID: '.$tag->term_id;
	return $actions;

Add Copy to the Add New Tag (or other Taxonomy) Page

Maybe you need to add some extra text to the page to explain to a user why they should take a minute to spellcheck their new category or tag. Or perhaps you want to want to encourage them to check if a certain category already exists as a plural or singular from. You can add this extra copy in at least 2 places on the various taxonomy admin pages.

add_action( 'after-' . 'category' . '-table', 'copy_below_table' );
function copy_below_table( $taxonomy ) {
    echo '<p>Lorem ipsum</p>';

add_action( 'category' . '_pre_add_form', 'copy_above_form' );
function copy_above_form( $taxonomy ) {
    echo '<p>Dolor sit amet</p>';