Remove WordPress Plugin Update Count From the Menu

My office has a big WordPress multisite installation, so we are careful about updating plugins. As a result, there are ofter a number of plugins begging to be updated. It was getting annoying to see that all the time, so this little snippet gets rid of the notice.

	add_action('admin_menu', 'remove_plugin_update_count');
	function remove_plugin_update_count(){
		global $menu,$submenu;
		$menu[65][0] = 'Plugins';	
		$submenu['index.php'][10][0] = 'Updates';	

Just toss into your function.php file… (or save to a file and upload to /wp-content/mu-plugins)

before after

2 thoughts on “Remove WordPress Plugin Update Count From the Menu”

  1. thanks. clever one. fairly très bête question: can you stil see which plugins have been updated? probably under plugins, right?

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