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Supposing I were to take the time to write up a talk on some WordPress subject (probably development related), and then supposing I were to actually give this talk in front of a group of people, what do you think it should be about?

I’m considering being prepared with a talk proposal for an upcoming WordCamp – but I need help with brainstorming. Please, please, please offer a recommendation in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter.

I can’t promise that I’ll actually end up giving a presentation – whether out of failure to submit a proposal or out of failure to bribe someone to accept mine – but I will choose a topic and make every effort to prepare a talk/tutorial/presentation and share it here on trepmal.com.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Talk Ideas”

  1. Talk about how you modified the P2 theme to send email notifications for your companies Intranet.

    Talk about how P2 is an awesome tool for an intranet. How does it make people’s lives easier once it is all set up?

    Talk about how caching works.

    Talk about things you’ve learned writing your own plugins.

    Talk about some of your own best practices and how you came about them.

    Talk about why and how you should enqueue your scripts and CSS.

    Talk about how you can get involved with WordPress.

    Talk about how to submit a patch. What’s a diff? How do you make a diff?

    Talk about your favorite plugins.

  2. I think you should talk about creating small single-functionality plugins that solve a problem or another vs. big ubber complex plugins that do a million things. I think you’ve got the experience and knowledge for that.

    Btw what WordCamp are you considering?

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