Using WordPress and P2 to Manage ALL THE THINGS!!

For the presentation I’m developing (which I may or may not actually give in public), I’m leaning toward discussing what I’ve learned about using WordPress and the P2 theme to coordinate interoffice communication.

“Using WordPress to Manage Clients, Projects, News, KB ALL THE THINGS!!”

  • Why?
    Needed a system to reduce clogged inboxes, avoid long hard-to-follow email threads, keep the conversations open so info can be found again, even by those not originally involved in the conversation.
  • The Setup
    Private team/dept blogs for discussion that would be irrelevant elsewhere. Multiple topical “public” (still private to the company) blogs (e.g. Company News, Ideas, Wiki, etc.). And CRM style functionality: managing clients and projects, which can be linked together.
  • The Plugins
    Some from P2 functions.php, and cover the custom plugins (@mention notifications, Facebook-esque “liking”, post subscriptions, cross-site post linking, etc.
  • “The Future”
    squash bugs, streamline the code, and maybe/hopefully release it

Of course, I still need to flesh things out, but I also need your help. I’d like to let the audience ask questions, but I don’t want to be caught completely off guard. Can you help me anticipate what questions might come up? From the obvious to the obscure, let me know what you might ask so I can better prepare.

2 thoughts on “Using WordPress and P2 to Manage ALL THE THINGS!!”

  1. How did you make the @mention notifications work?
    How did you get normal people to use it? Did they like it? Was it weird?
    What was the biggest obstacle you faced when rolling it out?
    Do you think it would be as effective with a bigger company than yours?
    Did you try any other project management software? Where did it fail?

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