Things You Should Know About the Command Line

The command line is really powerful and there are a quite a few things made easier by using it.

When I started learning things, I did a lot of copy-and-paste. It got the job done (usually…), but I rarely understood what I was doing or why it worked. So I want to outline a handful of basic commands, and some tips and tricks.
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My FreeNAS Box

I wasn’t planning on building a computer last week, but I made the mistake of browsing NewEgg while also thinking it would be neat to have some sort of home server for easily sharing files. So here I am, less than 1 week from clicking the first “Add to Cart” button, with my FreeNAS box.

I hope most of you are smarter than I am and won’t need any of this info, but here it is anyway. Continue reading My FreeNAS Box

Including Custom Fields Inside Your Post

WordPress/TinyMCE will sometimes remove code that you’d rather it not. For example, have you have tried to add a Google Map to a post without the aid of a plugin? You can’t. The iframes aren’t allowed.

Because of this, and a few other similar instances, I wrote a plugin that would let me easily bypass this filters. Continue reading Including Custom Fields Inside Your Post

jQuery Cycle Plugin (with replay)

I really like the jQuery Cycle plugin for slideshows. It’s easy, it’s jQuery, it works, and it looks good! However, when I setup a slideshow, I want it to play through once and offer a replay button (typically the last slide). With the built in features, this seemed a little difficult to accomplish – but maybe that’s just because I’m no jQuery expert and I just didn’t get it….

But whatever the reasoning, I finally found a way to accomplish what I wanted, here it is: Continue reading jQuery Cycle Plugin (with replay)