Swap Color Schemes When in the Network Admin

In WordPress 3.1, the network-wide options being moved to their own area in WordPress to make it easier on network administrators.

To take a just a bit further, I put together this script that will switch color schemes when you’re in the Network Admin.

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Confirm Email Address

If you’re running a WordPress network, and depending on how you’re using it, you may need to get users to confirm or update their email address.

In my situation, I build a lot of sites for clients, and during development I use an email address of my own so they don’t get bombarded with emails they don’t need. But I don’t always change it back when I’m done, or maybe there’s a typo. Or maybe it’s the client that has changed their email address.

Whatever the cause, sometimes these things just need to be double-checked and confirmed. So here’s a small plugin that can be dropped in your mu-plugins folder:

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