Download Hangman For Alfred v2 Only.

Play Hangman! Uses your Mac’s built-in word list.


Just starting


Play a letter


No turns remaining. Start a new game or view the answer.


Game solved!


> hm {single letter}
> hm new New game
> hm board Show board
> hm stats Show stats
> hm resetstats Reset stats
> hm answer Reveal word (if game over only)

New in the Alfred v2 release, view last 30 words won or lost.



> hmhistory

If you’re looking for the Alfred v1 extensions, go to the next page. But please note these will no longer be maintained or updated, and will eventually be taken down.

You can download Alfred App for free here: http://www.alfredapp.com/.

To kick things up a notch with extensions and more, get the Powerpack for Alfred.

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