Hangman uses your Mac’s dictionary, so no setup required! Just install and start playing.


> hangman new
start new game

> hangman board
show current gameboard

> hangman stats
show current win/loss stats

> hangman resetstats
reset stats

> hangman answer
show answer, will only work if you’re out of guesses

> hangman {single letter}
your guess

> hangman help
lists possible queries (so you don’t have to come back here)

Old Version

Download Beta 2

Beta 2 is an older version that uses the Wordnik API. If you want to use this, you’ll need to go sign up for a Wordnik API key. However, it was pointed out to me that Wordnik has more than a few typos.

Beta 2 has stats (wins/losses), adds definition of word (shown in ‘answer’ query), adds a cheat (but I’m not telling!).

Beta 2 Configuration

Get an API key from Wordnik. Open up Alfred Preferences, find Hangman, and replace API_KEY in the command with your new API key. Save.

You can download Alfred App for free here: http://www.alfredapp.com/.

To kick things up a notch with extensions and more, get the Powerpack for Alfred.

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