This is an Alfred v1 extension Updates are in progress, but not all are done yet.


Simple timer. Start time, stop, reset, and show elapsed time (either while running, or after stopped).


> timer start
alias: s
> timer stop
alias: x
> timer reset
alias: r
> timer time
alias: t (or any unreserved string)


Starting the timer while it’s running will restart the timer.


Find the extension in Alfred Preferences and change the timezone string (default “America/Los_Angeles”) to your local timezone. You can find acceptable timezones here: http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

If unchanged, your elapsed time will still be correct, but start and stop times may be offset.

You can download Alfred App for free here: http://www.alfredapp.com/.

To kick things up a notch with extensions and more, get the Powerpack for Alfred.

6 thoughts on “Timer”

  1. Could you build one that copies the current date to the clipboard? Or inserts it into the active window? I currently use Typinator for this only.



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