Change “Howdy” to Something Else

I’ve got nothing against the “Howdy” greeting in WordPress, but in case you do, this little snippet might just help you out.

It’s currently set to change “Howdy” to “Yo.” Just drop this in your functions.php file. I’ll turn it into a spiffy plugin later… Continue reading Change “Howdy” to Something Else

Adding More Classes to wp_list_pages()


If you’re trying to style nested items in wp_list_pages() the task can be daunting. You’ll apply a style to an <li> then have to unapply those styles for the nested <li>s, and if you’re dropdowns get any deeper, you CSS can become overwhelming. It’s a little better if you don’t care about IE, because then you can use those fancy CSS selectors like ul > li, or ul li > li to target certain depths. But if you’re stuck fighting with IE, maybe this will help.

Continue reading Adding More Classes to wp_list_pages()