Alfred App Extensions

A small collection of Alfred App Extensions* I (built and) find quite useful.

Improvements and suggestions welcome.

* Powerpack required.

8 thoughts on “Alfred App Extensions”

  1. Many thanks for the extensions. I use the timer extension everday! Quick question: I don’t know if you plan to update any of these or not but if you do would you please consider using jdfwarrior extensions updater. Either way, thank you for sharing your work, many of these extensions are invaluable and are also great to learn from.

    Cheers – James

  2. I was about to make a Shuffle extension for iTunes, but it appears you beat me to it. Then I saw the Lorem Ipsum generator… then I saw the Show/Hide… then I saw the….

    I’m a kid in a candy store right now! Much respect!

    May your coding skills increase by +1 and your prosperity by +∞

  3. Your post on using Alfred really opened my eyes to what this great app can do so I’ve gone and bought the powerpack and now it’s time to download some extensions! Thanks so much.

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